4 reasons why you should listen to music

Music is not only pleasant to listen to. It has multiple benefits for your mood, but also for your health. For example, it can help relieve anxiety, pain or motivate you to do sports, etc. Without further ado, discover in this article some reasons why you should listen to music.

Music: a source of motivation and pleasure

Music can convey positive emotions. It gives pleasure by acting on the reward system through dopamine neurons in the brain that release dopamine. Proving that music softens the mood, a study shows that listening to music in the car has a positive effect on the driver’s mood.

Music helps relieve pain

In a small study from 2013, people with fibromyalgia listened to music once a day for four weeks. Compared to the control group, those who listened to music reported less pain. Listening to music can reduce pain and anxiety before and after medical surgery.

Music stimulates cognitive function and memory

Since music can inspire motivation, it can also help with learning. Music and singing have a positive effect on mood and memory.

In addition, a small study of 56 students showed that background music (especially classical music) improves performance on cognitive tests. However, the type of music you listen to may play a role.

Music helps with sport

In a British study, participants were asked to listen to music while walking on a treadmill until they were exhausted. The people who did this exercise with music lasted longer than the people who did not listen to it. Perhaps music affects motivation.

Another hypothesis is that music prevents us from thinking hard. A small study of obese young adults exercising on treadmills suggests that being distracted by music can make them run longer.