3 tips for playing live

To get a show date, you need an audience, but to get an audience, you need a show. You have to start somewhere. And young bands often find themselves at a dead end! Overcoming this paradox and getting your band to play in front of a crowd requires careful planning and an understanding of the different approaches and tools to get there. So here are some tips for playing live.

Prepare for a live show

If your performance is close to a disaster, there’s no need to look for a gig. Concentrate on practising until you are sure you can get on stage and show the best of your project. Consider that people will pay to see you. Therefore, be patient and take the time to master your instruments and your band playing. In this way, live performances add a new layer to the musical experience.

Take it slowly: think local

You won’t be able to fill a venue on the first try. In the meantime, look at what’s going on around you. On the street, on open stages, and even by taking part in talent shows, there are plenty of places for artists to get started. Start with small stages and check out the reaction and enthusiasm of the audience. This is a chance to test your song, your stage presence and to evaluate your performance.

Build your presence on social networks

Today, to exist as an artist, you need to be present on social networks and start building your fanbase, in effect, generating traffic to your video clips and streaming platforms. What you need to know is that promoters like bands with fans. When you present your project in a concert hall, use your social media influence as a selling point. Here are the steps you can take to attract more followers online:

Create an artist page for your team on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (or even a website) ;

Ask all group members to invite their friends to like your page. This will give you a solid and loyal base to start with;

Share your news, upcoming gig dates and new songs, and reply to the people you interact with.