4 reasons why you should listen to music

Music is not only pleasant to listen to. It has multiple benefits for your mood, but also for your health. For example, it can help relieve anxiety, pain or motivate you to do sports, etc. Without further ado, discover in this article some reasons why you should listen to music. Music: a source of motivation and pleasure Music can convey positive emotions. It gives pleasure by acting on the reward system through dopamine neurons in the brain that release dopamine. Proving that music softens the... Read more

3 tips for learning to play a musical instrument

You’ve finally decided to start learning a musical instrument. Should it be the drums? The piano? The guitar? The choice is certainly vast. In this article, you will discover some tips that can help you better approach the learning of a musical instrument. Choosing a musical instrument Start with the instrument that speaks to you the most. Although in general, it is always recommended to start with the piano or bass guitar. Why? Because they can be considered “benchmark” instru... Read more

3 tips for playing any song on the piano

When you try to learn to play a particular song, you will quickly become frustrated if you practice for hours without making any progress. To avoid falling back into this situation, discover the three tips that will help you play any song on the piano and keep you motivated! It all starts with song selection Starting your piano learning with an ideal song is the best motivation. Before you start playing, it is important to know the basics, such as how to find the right keys and how to position y... Read more

3 tips for playing live

To get a show date, you need an audience, but to get an audience, you need a show. You have to start somewhere. And young bands often find themselves at a dead end! Overcoming this paradox and getting your band to play in front of a crowd requires careful planning and an understanding of the different approaches and tools to get there. So here are some tips for playing live. Prepare for a live show If your performance is close to a disaster, there’s no need to look for a gig. Concentrate o... Read more

4 tips for starting a music label

Although the music industry is growing, there is a huge demand for forward-thinking labels. A successful record label will aim to seek out new talent to pay for mixing and recording albums, touring and promoting its artists. Find out in this article how to set up a music label. Define the type of business you want Most great startups build their reputation by focusing on a specific genre of music. Your focus will play an important role in deciding what your business should specialise in. If your... Read more