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Benifits Of Live Local Music And How It Enriches A Community And Social Values


Music is one of the strongest tools that are known to make people from different cultures and societies to bond and relate. This is because as people enjoy themselves, they usually forgets about their differences and instead concentrate on moving with the beat. As a result people who are usually rivals and even enemies find themselves sharing a common thing when it comes to music.


Many leaders usually use music as a way of bringing people together so as to cooperate for a common cause.


The music brings people even more together when they can relate to it as a result of it being from their culture and tradition. This gets intense when the music is live and people get the opportunity to participate in form of dancing and singing along.
Music has been the bedrock of different societies, cultures, people, traditions and even grouping of the present days. This is attested by the fact that in the past when people used to attend traditional and cultural ceremonies, it was almost compulsory to have songs associated with the particular ceremonies. This means that there were wedding songs, mourning songs and war songs amongst others. The music had messages and beats that complimented the particular occasion with mourning songs being soft, wedding songs being joyful and war songs being vigorous. The music brought out the feelings of the particular occasions. For instance, vigorous war songs bestowed courage and hope on the fighters. The message on the songs belittled the enemy and glorified the singing fighters thus making them feel confident. As a result they went into battles with the feeling of that they will definitely defeat the enemy.
Beside music playing a vital role traditionally, it stills plays a role of unifying people in the current days.

This is because certain musicians enjoy wide followings of people who identify themselves with the particular musician. The followers feel that they have various things in common and hence they are able to relate with each other more harmoniously. Some of the followers even treat the musicians as role models whom they emulate and their decisions also influences the decisions of their followers. Consequently the musicians play a significant role in different cultures, traditions, societies and groupings of people.
Local music is amongst the type of music that has major influence on people of different people, cultures, societies and traditions. This is because the people of the particular grouping relates with the music since they can hear the words and can be able to sing along. The music has even greater influence when the words are in the language of a certain community or society. The language means that only the people who understand the particular language can comprehend the particular songs. Consequently such groupings of people feel that the music belongs to them and not to the other groups thus making them derive pride from it.


The local music acts as the identity of the particular society or culture and hence the members of the particular group of people identify themselves with it and also take pride in it.
The local music also has great influence when it is played live. This is because the live local music provides an opportunity for people of the particular society to come together and participate in the music. The participation is usually in form of singing along, dancing and also competing in dancing. The local music goes beyond hatred and differences since all the people of the particular society can identify themselves with the music. When the local music is played live, all the people who identify themselves with the music usually wish to participate and hence all of them feel that they have things in common and hence they overlook their differences.
Live local music also influences the dressing of different societies, people, traditions and cultures. This is attributed to the fact that different types of music have certain dress codes that they identify themselves with. As a result people who attend the live local music performance observes the dress cord so as to blend more and look fashionable. This does not only apply in traditional local music where it is almost compulsory to wear the appropriate attires. But it also affects even the modern local music performances where people attending the concerts try as much as possible to look as their favorite musicians. An ideal example is people attending a concert associated with the late Michael Jackson wearing white gloves just the same way he used to wear. Hence live local music has been and still is the bedrock of different cultures, groups of people, traditions and societies.

Enjoy With Your Local Live Music!

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